Are you looking for an Italian distributor? We identify your ideal sales and distributions channels.

Which is the best way to distribute products in Italy? binko can answer to this question analyzing which is the best way to export in Italy.

Everybody knows that exporting is fundamental to the business of a company but this must be done in the right way.

Finding an Italian distributor is not just a matter of finding someone to cooperate with, but it’s important to find the perfect Partner to start a long term cooperation. To obtain that first of all you need to do an analysis of the market to be considered and find the correct way to distribute your products in Italy.

Starting from an analysis of the needs of the company, the product and the potential market segment; binko offers a careful search service of the ideal distribution system of your products for the Italian market.

Is this the best way?

There are many ways to distribute the products, one of them is counting on an Italian distributor. This could be the easiest approach because the distributor will take care of everything, but are you sure this will be the right solution?

Are there any other solutions to evaluate in order to better sell your products in Italy? Yes, there could be. Binko takes care of this by analyzing the best sales channel to promote your products in Italy such as:

  • Using a Distributor
  • Selling directly
  • Using sales agent
  • Creating a joint venture
  • others?

For this reason binko takes care of analyzing what is the best distribution system for your company and then will also identify the best partner to avoid trying and trying again losing time and money in useless activities.

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