Communication Services

My communication services are finalized to make your products much better understood in the Italian market and make them successful in a short time with on-line and off-line strategies. This means that Binko studies the best way to promote your products.

binko is specialized in localizing your product for the Italian market, for making it understandable to your audience using, where needed, Italian styles of communication for an immediate success. Corporate communication in Italy is not so easy. You need in a short time to aim the spotlight on your products and your company in the right way so as not to create the wrong marketing message. To do this, binko can also develop the right communication strategy in cooperation with Italian specialized partners like copywriters, graphic agencies, and others and of course with your marketing team.

Corporate communication services
  • Development of a business communication plan
  • Communication projects for the launch of a new product
  • Analysis of the most suitable tools for the company to communicate
  •  Translation and transcreation of:
    • Catalogs
    • Website
    • Manuals
  • Development and maintenance of corporate social media in Italian
  • Development of texts for every business need from the site to catalogs, fairs, etc.
  • Analysis of the ideal corporate video for an Italian use that needs to be done
    • Script and screenplay
    • Study of the ideal location for the ideal message
  • Communicate with photography
    • Analysis of “photos to do, how to do them and where to do them
  • Italian email marketing projects
  • Events, meetings and conferences