Advantages of cooperating with an Italian Marketing Consultant to export to Italy with success

An Italian Marketing Consultant gives you the advantage  to reach the export goals in the shortest time

Nowadays the promotion of your company and your products has become increasingly complex and the competition is high. This will bring significant benefits if you invest in the right direction without wasting time and money, to highlight your products.

binko is an Italian Marketing Consultant that helps you to promote your business correctly in Italy. binko can do this using the best strategy for the Italian market, through a policy of differentiating yourself from the rest of your competitors by highlighting your products and not being one of many or similar to your competitors.

Advantages of binko’s marketing approach
  1. An Italian Marketing Consultant for a correct approach to the Italian market without wasting time
  2. Localization and marketing studies made by an Italian Marketing expert
  3. Market research helps to identify all the opportunities in the Italian market
  4. An Italian Marketing Consultant can help you not only at the beginning of the project but also during the project
  5.  binko is not only a Marketing Consultant but will be your marketing partner in Italy
Advantages of using binko’s skills
  1. Specialized in Italian marketing, communication and sales
  2. Provides you with an Italian point of view on your project
  3. Gives you the chance to talk immediately to your Italian potential market and to have your products “speak in Italian” and not in a foreign language
  4. If your project is already running but not in the way you planned, Binkocan do a situation analysis to understand the causes and find the right solution, if possible
  5. Italy is a country different from south to north and you need a different approach that only an Italian can give you

Benefits of investing with binko’s advice

  1. An Italian Marketing Manager at fixed costs
  2. Save time and money as you can activate the export project in a short time
  3. Direct to the heart of the project without mistakes and without wasting money in testing the right approach
  4. A network availability of already pre-qualified marketing and communication Italian partners working in a team with binko,thereby saving time in research of new suppliers
  5. As the first step you will save money by not needing to travel to Italy for each visit to each potential supplier or potential partner, or simply to understand the market
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