To maximize all that you have done with marketing and communication you need Italian sales strategies

Sales are a logical consequence of the marketing and communication policies implemented, but to be finalized, these need the most appropriate tools, the right processes and the right control. That is the way you need to develop Italian sales strategies properly.

To achieve this goal you need a precise business method adapted to the Italian way of doing business and also to how the products are selected for B2B and also for B2C. Has your company modeled its selling process on Italian customs? If the answer is “so and so” this means that you need to improve your selling process to increase and have the right profits, and develop it with Italian sales strategies.

binko can help your company to develop the best selling process to improve sales.

Business sales services to B2B and to B2C

  • Commercial development plan
  • Analysis of sales processes and proposal for improvements
  • Structuring of the most suitable sales process
  • Check-up of sales support tools if in line with company strategy
  • Profitability analysis of the sales force
  • Analysis, conception and design of promotional campaigns for the Italian market