Italian Market Research

An Italian market research is the key to a successful export project

Do not confuse a feasibility study with market research, because a  Market Feasibility Study gives a statistical analysis of costs, which includes your fixed assets, fixed variable costs and operation costs that make up your budget and so on, but it does not examine in every detail your external factors, which is very critical for the survival of your new business.

Instead an Italian market research involves so many elements in your business life cycle that you will never be able to list all but the critical ones.

An Italian market research analyzes your environment and what it is made of: the political, technological, cultural, economical, geographical, topographical, age grouping needs, average income per capita, demand for productivity or services, competition, and so on, and therefore primary market research must be tailored to your company’s needs.

An Italian Market Research Study should answer to this 5 questions:

1. Who is our ideal customer?
2. What do they struggle with?
3. What does your ideal customer really want?
4. What sets you apart from the others?
5. What benefits do your customers perceive?

Advantages of an Italian Market Research
  • Can identify target export markets
  • Helps to identify opportunities in the marketplace
  • Minimizes the risk of doing business
  • Helps you plan ahead, with a better strategic marketing plan and business plan
  • Helps you establish your market positioning
  • Can determine the most persuasive ‘promise’
  • Lets you estimate the size of the market you can serve
  • Tells you what your customers “really” require
Italian Market reasearch