The era of standardization is ending; localization is the new topic for a successful export

An Italian localization study takes your export strategy to another level. Match perfectly the country people’s needs to your product and let them speak Italian.

Nelson Mandela said: “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language that goes to his heart.”    

binko’s Italian Localization Study must start with a detailed analysis of what it is necessary to localize and what not, otherwise not everything could give an advantage in using this approach. For example, changing too much and adapting the image for localizing too much could damage your corporate image.

For example do you remember the case of Ikea in the USA? When customers started using their vases as drinking glasses, the company realized they needed to adapt their products to their audience. Everything’s bigger in the States. So remember that everything is smaller in Italy.

It is clear that a website must be translated and also transcreated, but what about the product? The packaging? Must we change completely or just the description? Is it of the right dimension for the Italian market?

We have to study these and many others things together for a correct and successful localization project.

An Italian Localization Study should answer to this 5 questions:

  1. How will you reliably meet the needs of the Italian market?
  2. Will Italian people understand the advantages of our products if presented in the current way?
  3. Will Italian people pay for your products if we do not explain the advantages and the correct use?
  4. Will the advertising branding marketing themes need to be modified?
  5. Do your services meet the Italian people’s needs?

Advantages of an Italian Localization  Study

  • Product localization reduces your support costs
  • An Italian translation and a transcreation will definitely make the difference in sales
  • Responsiveness to local needs
  • Expedited local business development
  • Increased income and market share
  • Competitive advantage

binko’s localization study marketing team

Localizing is not just a matter of doing things but doing them right. Your marketing team must be Italian. binko can identify your needs, but to develop in the right way we need other marketing companies, already qualified, to give you the advantages to start the project immediately and to have an Italian marketing team that knows very well the Italian market, such as photographer, video agency, creative graphic, art study and many more. You can have a quick look at what we can do in Italy here.

Let’s talk together about this

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