A localization plan to optimize your strategy to export in Italy

An Italian Localization strategy is not just a matter of good translations of your website or of your catalogs but consists of adapting your marketing strategies to meet the linguistic and cultural traditions and commercial requirements of the Italian market.

Translating your website and all your marketing support into Italian is not enough to succeed in exporting your products or services to Italy. You must have an Italian Localization Strategy to achieve a successful export in Italy.

binko can help you to identify the right localization strategy and what you have to adapt or change to communicate in the best way to an Italian audience.

The company must start from translating labels, leaflets, catalogs, brochures, guarantee certificates, instructions and more. But this is not enoughfor a correct Italian localization.

Translation is not always correct; you must carry out marketing research and use transcreation, not only a translation.

Transcreation means that sometimes you could have the perfect slogan of your product but it makes sense only in your own language and for your own location. In order not to diminish the properties of your product, use transcreation to create the perfect slogan, logo or ad for your product. This will guarantee a greater interest in your product and make your export successful, and respectively the return on investment much higher. In this way Italian localization will be optimized and market oriented.

To make an Italian localization Strategy in the best way you need “a native one”.

Data will help you with the starting strategy but to meet Italian people’s needs you need to meet 100% of their needs and there will be no data aggregation that could give this information except the experience of someone who is born in Italy and has marketing skills.

Localizing your products and literature also gives your company an international image that is hard to ignore. When worldwide customers and prospects log on to your Internet site to get information about your company and its products or services, and find it offered in their native tongue, it gives them security and comfort, besides making your material more understandable.

Italy is a country that has unique peculiarities difficult to find in other countries, and this must push those companies who want to sell in Italy to adapt to the culture, customs and traditions of our country. Just think that Italian people, from north to south, have completely different habits and mentality. Your strategy in the north of Italy must change in the south.

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