What makes a good export strategy? Cooperating with an Italian consulting firm

An Italian consulting firm will give you an accurate vision of the country. If you are based abroad, collecting locally all the possible data you can get will never give the right vision of Italy. This must supported by an Italian Marketing Consultant.

You will never be able to collect information regarding how Italian people think and how they act quickly if you do not have a Partnership with an Italian consulting firm specialized in Marketing.

The partnership with an Italian consulting firm is strategic in having your products speak in Italian and in developing a perfect marketing plan that will be able to achieve in a short time the best results.


For example, in Italy we can organize a focus group in few days and have a test for everything you want to know about your products:

  • if they are suitable for the Italian market
  • if your communication strategy is correct and understandable to the Italian audience
  • which are the best areas from which to start to sell your products and so on

From abroad it is quite impossible to analyze this and the project will have a long way to go before starting.

Only those who have worked in Italy for a long time together with Italian people know the real dynamics of this marvellous but difficult to understand country.

binko has not only all the know-how about the Italian market but also all the connections to improve a project in a short time without wasting money. binko cooperates with many qualified suppliers in the marketing and communications industries who can start a business quickly to adapt your concept to the Italian market.

If we define a strategy for localizing your product in Italy than we may need a videomaker, photographer, creative graphic designer and to develop the project. In this case Binko can suggest a qualified team of partners.

This is why I am sure that if you want to make a successful business in Italy you must cooperate and work hard with an Italian Marketing Consultant to build the right strategy and not fail.

Let’s talk together about this

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