binko, your Italian Marketing Partner. Experience and strategic vision.

I am an Italian Marketing Consultant specialized in supporting foreign companies in developing the best export business in Italy. binko is your Italian Marketing Partner.

My name is Daniele Binco. I am  53 years old. After 30 years as a Marketing and Sales Director I started my new carrier as a Business Consultant, better say Marketing, Communication and Sales Consultant. I work for Italian companies helping them to sell their products in Italy but also with foreign companies that want to export to Italy and to develop the business in the best way without wasting time and money achieving their goals quickly.

Developping a correct export business in Italy means first of all checking if your product is suitable for the Italian market and then for a great success you must do a correct Italian localization and also contestualize it. This means that you must have a right Marketing and Communication strategy fitted for Italy.

My job in supporting the foreign companies is based on verifying that everything will be done in the correct way trough various Marketing Studies depending in which step or phase is your export project and also in helping finding the “right ideas” to sell your products in Italy.

In few words the goal of my work  is to allow foreign companies to increase clients, sales and margins on sales through the correct marketing strategies aimed at the correct localization of your products.