binko is the new Monolith Kamado Grill’s Italian Marketing Partner

Monolith Grill, a leading German company in the Grill and Barbecue sector, has commissioned binko to develop the Strategic Marketing Plan for entry into the Italian market.

Monolith Kamado Grill

Matthias Otto, Owner and CEO of the German Company Monolith Grill GmbH, leader in the grill and barbecue industry in Europe, has decided that the time has come to enter into the Italian market.

binko was chosen as the ideal Marketing Partner to develop this project not only for his skills gained in the grill and barbecue industry but also for the specializations in Marketing, Communication and Sales. In addition, binko will provide Monolith Grill with a network of qualified Partners that will be necessary for the development of this project.

Who is Monolith Grill GmbH

Monolith Grill GmbH is a German Company that since 2009 manufactures Ceramic Grills better known as Kamado. These Ceramics Grills belong to the Chinese and Japanese tradition, in recent years have been a huge success in the world of grill and barbecue Fans.

kamado grill monolith Italia


Monolith’s kamado grills have spread rapidly, both in the Professional and in the Domestic industry thanks to their versatility, multi-functionality and a Design that makes them also “furnishing objects” and not just cooking systems. German design always starts from the concept that what works is beautiful.


grill in ceramica kamado monolith italia


The  Monolith Kamado Grill is a multifunctional and versatile grill because it can be used in different ways: as a typical grill or as a barbecue, a smoker, for searing the food, like a wood-burning oven to make Pizza, Bread or roasts and even desserts and finally with special accessories could be also a rotisserie a Plancha frytop and even a Wok.

Action Project

The activities planned for the development of the Italian market were decided after the realization of a Strategic Marketing Plan, a detailed study where the Italian grill and barbecue market was analyzed and consequently the potential of Monolith’s products on our market was highlighted.

Subsequently, an Action Plan was drawn up with all the activities to be developed in the short, medium and long term.

These activities will be basically of two types: first of all binko started to search for the ideal partners, the distributors, for the development of the Italian market: one for Retail and one distributor specialized in the Professional Market better known as HORECA. The Kamado Grill by Monolith are ideal for both Market.

The other type of activities will be those related to the development of the entire Marketing and Communication section. Activities necessary to present the  of Monolith’s Kamado grills on the Italian market and subsequently to affirm them not only in the Kamado segment but in the Grill and Barbecue industry.


grill in ceramica kamado monolith


Monolith’s Italian Localization

In order to successfully launch Monolith’s products on the Italian market, it was necessary to consider a Localization Marketing Project. Communicating Monolith to the Italian market will be not only a matter of translating all the Marketing materials that Monolith already owns, but it will be a matter of adapting Monolith and its potentials to Italian Culture, Monolith’s kamado must “speak Italian”. Transcreating and not just translating will be the target of this project: texts, photographic materials and videos specifically for the Italian market.

The Pay-off of the logo was the first activity we focused on replacing “Ceramic Grills” with “Kamado Grill” to immediately put the emphasis on the type of grill that is the Monolith. In Germany this is not necessary as Monolith is recognized both as a Kamado Grill and as a Ceramic Grill.




Before creating the website, the social media channels defined ideal for Monolith have been created Facebook, Instagram e Youtube , to perform beta test marketing on the best suitable communication methods.