Buying from Italy the best Artisan goods from Emilia Romagna

Food, wine, oil, Parmigiano Reggiano, Balsamic Vinegar and all the best from emilia Romagna. In this binko could be also a good Partner if you need to buy particular goods difficult to find and to contac the right supplier.

OEveribody knows that Italy has a wide range of small expert artoisan specialized in producing very high-quality goods but very difficult to find as not all have a website, or the go to fairs. Many of these small companies have no English speaking inside and they do not know how to develop business with a foreign company.

binko is specialized in helping foreigner companies that wants particular goods such as Food, Wine, Furniture, and ….and .. and to find what needed, to organize the contact and also the visit and makeing the negotiation.

It could be that you can come to an Italian fair but it’s not so easy to find what you need. Sometimes it’s better to invest money in searching on the field what you need trusting a specialist of the Italian business , somebody that knows how runs the Italian business system. Binko could be you right choice. Even to organize a fair in Italy.